The Art Of Putting On Blames

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by aiyqosim
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول لله

1. Have you ever be in a situation where you can't focus studying in your classrom because you feel that your classmates are too loud? And you started to blame them for your inability to focus.

2. Quite frequently that you blame the noisy surrounding in the mosque for your un-khushoo'-ness, while you can play mobile games for an hour full of khushoo' in the middle of street without being affected by the surroundings.

3. Almost everything bad that is happening to you comes from others. Bad exam results, bad traffic, your bad temperament, your headaches, oily foods, coming late to class, rising cost of living, bumpy streets, dirty room, bad house, and the list goes on. The blame is always on other than yourself.

4. As a medical student, I'm trained to be a good observer. To find the cause of a disease, the 'what' behind any clinical manifestation. To well manage and treat a patient, we should be pretty sure what is the underlying cause. We need to take a good history, do thorough clinical assessment & precise investigation before diagnosing a patient. Then only can we manage or treat him/her accordingly.

5. It is quite a dissappointment to see people putting blame on somebody else for something without relevant reason (sometimes, without any reason).

6. It's a shame when there are groups of Malays trying to boycott Malaysian Chinese products and even publicise their effort. Some more 'ultra' ones even put "Boikot Barang Cina DAP" as their cause. It's a shame because their are doing that as an effort to improve the economic status of the Malays (well, as they claim...). What kind of mind-class is that?

7. Do they even think about what have brought the Malay to it's economic status quo today? Do they even read? Do they even merely speak to any economist? Do they even bother to know, who actually gave multi-million ringgit of federal goverment's contracts to the 'selected' Chinese 'towkey' at the first place? And they shouted, "Hidup Melayu" ?

(Well, I've got some interesting stories about this high-ranked 'perompak' Melayu. Got it from a young Malay CEO of an electrical industry. I'd love to share it, but, not in this post lah ok...)

8. Some also blame few individuals and local movements when they are talking about Christian missionaries, while they(the blamed individuals & local movements) haven't got any authority over the country at all?

9. For me, we have three main problems here. First, we put the blame on something/somebody without strong evidence, or even without any evidence at all. We base our blame on emotion or mere speculations. Second, we put the blame on the wrong target. So, we are missing the real problem, hence, giving the wrong treatment. Third, we like to put on the blame, nothing more. Just blame something or somebody, that's all.

10. At the end, things become even worse, as we put the blame on the 'pseudo'-problem, not the real one. With the problems we are facing today, which are as diverse as ever, we are just getting off the pitch. We stand in front of an issue, put some blames on somebody, and stand still. Wait and see.

11. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we have to blame ourselves for every problem that comes accross us. That is totally irresponsible. But worth remembering that, when you point your index to someone in front of you, the other 4 fingers are pointing right to yourself.

12. As 'Brain' (from the cartoon series "The Pinky & The Brain") always asks 'Pinky' each night, "what are we pondering tonight?..." , we should also ponder, how do we put on our blame. And how can it solve the real problem or treat the underlying disease.

13. Putting on blames by itself, is an art. Appreciate it, and do not misuse it, as it is important and powerful, only if it's properly used.

والله أعلم

والحمد لله ربِّ العالمين

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