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Monday, August 23, 2010 by aiyqosim

Assalamu'alaykum wbt.

How's our iman & amal so far? for we are in the 13th day of Ramadhan... May Allah bless us with His Barakah, Rahmah, & Maghfirah all the time.

It's not 14th of February yet, but I want to share a documentary I watched in National Geographic few weeks before. With a catchy title "Wild Valentine", I bet you start to draw some pictures in your mind when you heard the title...

I extracted some interesting points, hoping that you can come up with your own deduction about the issue before I deduce it at the end of the post. I hope it is beneficial inshaAllah...

There are many ways animal advertise sex...

Do you know, our very known closest 'friend' Mr. Chimpanzee is most of the time a herbivorous animal? Until mating season shows up, then the 'cute' Mr. Chimpanzee will unbelievably become carnivorous and start hunting for meat only to attract a female Chimpanzee. The more barbaric it gets, the more his opportunity to get a female Chimp as a soul mate.

American Alligator uses its lungs to advertise sex. The more the capacity of its lung, the better its breathing, the better its 'performance'. And a female alligator loves that. Plus, male alligator will make some sort of vibration in the water to show the power of its lungs. Isn't that cute?

A deer, as many of us already knew, attracts a doe by its peculiar roar. Its hard to mention, but the tone is dulcet, but loud.

Have you ever seen a leemer? At first glance, it looks like a skunk. & guess what, it behaves like one too. Male leemer will lift its tail up, & fart! Scientifically speaking, it releases feromone as signal for 'ready to have sex'.

Albatross birds are great dancers. They dance so well that it is the way they advertise sex.

Squid in Casablanca Sea uses sun-light to change the color of its skin, so attracting squid of the opposite sex.

Crab, as you can guess, uses its claws. It snaps its claws to show 'I am better than other crabs'. Also, size of its claws does matter, like a small businessman inside a big sports car. At some point, few male crabs fight with each other for a gorgeous female crab. What a shame!

Lastly, Bower Bird. The most romantic male animal. It advertises sex by building a 'bachelor house' and decorate them with blue flowers and anything it can reach, but it must be blue in colour...

They are cool, aren't they? :)

By the way, why do animal advertise sex? Well, it is another way to say 'why do animal attract its mate?'

The answer lies beneath its own life cycle & the purpose of its life. Simply because it is their purpose of life! Because they are animal!

Generally, there are 2 main purpose of life for an animal,



And they try very hard to fulfill these 2 main purpose, that it takes even their lives fighting for food and sex, thus maintaining our eco-system in balance.

I try to ponder, why Allah SWT says in al-Quran in Surah al-A'raaf verse number 179.

"Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle - nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful."

I found that, whenever we deviate from our purpose of life, we become worse than an animal. Animal lives following its manual of life created by God All-mighty Allah, heading towards its purpose of life, which are, getting food, having sex and multiply, thus maintaing our eco-system in balance.

We human, we do exactly what animal does. We fight for food like chimpanzees, we fight for sex American Alligators, we fight for power like a little crab, we buy sports car to attract female just like the crabs, we search for attractive outfits to show off just like squids, we dance and make people look at us like Albatros Birds, we become materialistics decorating our houses and belongings to attract people just like Bower Birds, luxurious perfumes to attract women just like leemers, we use our voice to 'seduce' people like a deer.

What is so special about us being a human when our purpose of life is to attract more food, more money, more women, more houses, more cars, etc..? We are doing the same thing that animal does!

So, what is special about us, being a human? What's so special about us, when we have the same purpose of life as an animal, food & sex? What is our purpose of life? Well, you answer these questions by yourself... These questions were once remained cannot-be-answered during the time of Western Philosophers, not until Muslim Philosophers came with al-Quran in their hands...

What's so special about us, when we have the same purpose of life as an animal, food & sex? Even worse, we have so many ni'mah Allah gave to us, but we ended being an animal! And we dump our innocent babies in dumpsters, which is something that animal don't do...

Allahu A'lam...


p/s : do think of your own purpose of life, and compare it with the one that Allah had listed for us in al-Quran. Kindly, please comment... JazakumuLlah Khair...

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