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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by aiyqosim

I'm currently in the Ophthalmology round, and i found it very interesting. Just after 3 days of lectures and clinical tutorials, something 'kicked' my brain, and 'poked' my heart.

Do you know, our eyes, are all the time covered with a thin layer of tear? It is called tear film, or more specifically, precorneal tear film. Surprisingly, this 'humble' thin layer plays a crucial role in mantaining the moisture of the eye surface, as well as to clean and to lubricate it. But of course, we never notice its presence, as it is transparent and humble. =)

But that is just the beginning. The thing that really 'kicked' my brain was the minute anatomy of the tear film. It is actually formed of 3 layers, which are lipid layer, aqueous(water) layer, and mucous layer.

The lipid layer coats the aqueous layer; provides a hydrophobic barrier that evaporates and prevents tears spilling onto the cheek, also preventing drying of the eye.

The aqueous layer promotes spreading of the tear film.

And the mucous layer coats the cornea; provides a hydrophilic layer; allows for even distribution of the tear film.

Source : WIKI

The question that came accross my mind was, can this thin layer of tear film possibly be invented by any genius? I mean, we, humans, have been walking on this earth for thousands of years, but it was only recently that we discovered this little tiny fact about the tear film and its components. And we can only describe it!

This question is a great challenge to the Atheists. Because the only reasonable answer is, THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH! He created us, with all the details. And we are here, just to describe His creation, and to praise Him all the time, not to challenge Him. (BTW, Darwinism had burried itself into its own grave, click HERE)

So as i've said before, to seek the truth, it is as easy as to see into ourselves!

وَفِي أَنفُسِكُمۡ أَفََلا تُبۡصِرُونَ

"As in your selves, will ye not then see?"

Allahu A'lam

Wassalam, thanks for reading, jazakumuLlah kheir =)

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