Dialing Up Him The Almighty

Saturday, November 13, 2010 by aiyqosim
What will you do if you miss someone? What will you do when you miss your mother? Yes, you simply call her, talk with her, ask about life, family, home, and so on. Just dial up +6038925**** and there she is! In average, let's say.... once per week.

What about your boyfriend/girlfriend? Of course you miss him/her more than you miss your mother. Don't you? So you will call him/her every day, once per day. Just dial up +20118709***, and there he/she is!

did you miss somebody? just give a call

Now, what if there is someone, so close to you, that you call him 5 times a day. Logically, should he be the one that you miss the most? Well, sadly speaking, that's not the case for all of us. Even worse, many of us, don't even call him 5 times a day, eventhough the contact number is as simple as 24434! And it's an international line, free of charge!


For the past 2 days i've been attending a Bridges Foundation (LINK) workshop : How To Answer Difficult Questions About Islam, conducted by brother Fadel Soliman, an Egyptian international speaker. We've discussed many important issues on misconceptions about Islam, but one thing attracted me last night, an analogy on dialing up Allah.

As you can guess, it is the Solaah, the 5 prayers. And the contact number is very simple, 24434, which are the rakaat of Solaat. We can even make an extra appointment with Him The Almighty. Interestingly, it doesn't need any reservation, you can do it anytime, day, night, midnight, after office hour etc., and there is no limitation of time.

...brother Fadel Soliman, jazahuLlah...

Brother Fadel Soliman told us, there are 3 reasons human pray to Allah or do ibadah to Allah :

1. For fear of the hellfire

2. For the paradise

3. For love to Allah

They are not contradictory to each other, but the third one is the best of all. The best 'ibad(worshippers) are those who pray to Allah because they love Him, that's all.

So, let's check our schedule, and make extra appointments with Allah everyday. Improve the quality of our Solaah, and we will be the best 'ibad insyaALlah.

Just want to share some of the questions that we've discussed for the past 2 days. InsyaAllah, more posts after this, so stay tune~


How can Muslims say that the Bible is corrupted?

Slavery wasn't prohibited in Islam?

Should apostates be killed?

Women inherit half of what men do

"Kill them wherever you see them!"- Al Quran

Quran commands terrorism

Don't be friends to Jews and Christians

Nabi Muhammad SAW was a pedophil?

Nabi Muhammad SAW ordered the killing of 700 Jews?

Did the prohper Muhammad SAW write the Quran?

Islam allows polygyny

Nabi Muhammad SAW had 9 wives when he wafat


more or less quarter of the participants are Malaysians. nice!

p/s : am studying hard, for the best group of the night will get a big chunk of Toblerone. yeay! i can smell it already...
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