P.J.K Syndrome & Heart?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 by aiyqosim
Assalamu'alaykum wbt.

One day, I went to a pharmacy to buy Vita-C. There was this old lady sitting on a bench beside the counter, waiting for the pharmacist to pack her medication. My God, a medium sized plastic bag full of boxes of pills. Not a surprise, she is old. With fingers clubbing & dyspnea/breathlessness, classic signs of heart & lung issues. & she can't resist standing even for half a minute.

Well, i said to myself, "She is old, about sixties to seventies, that's normal lah..". The thing worth more to be worried of is that, if you are around twenties, and you start to have some minor breathing issue (jalan sikit dah mengah, & so on..) and an increasing waist & tummy size, you are definitely in trouble. I don't now if this applies to all teenagers nowadays, but this definitely happens to majority of the so called "busy" or "takde-masa-nak-excersice-sibuk-study" medical students in Egypt(no offense) (including me??). You know what i mean...PJK syndrome, Perut-Jalan-Ke-Depan... (peace no war)

Sadly speaking, the major concern of these people with these problems is, (as you can guess) "alamak, seluar dah tak muat, kena beli baru!!", "Shoot! i look terible..", "Aduh, segan la nak tuck-in baju..perut aku..".

I read an article in Harian Metro few weeks ago, it said that, "in America, 15 major causes of death, are more common to occur in men than in women, except in Alzheimer's Disease. This is probably due to, men usually die before they can even reach the age of Alzheimer's disease as they die 5 years earlier in average from heart problems!".

And still, the major concern for most of us when we realize that our waist size is increased, is our physical appearance! Do you know, the size of your waist is proportional to the risk on your heart? Alaa, fat & cholesterol stuffs, i bet everyone knows the relation between cholesterol & heart problems, even the lay people on streets.. :) And when it comes to heart, it will definitely sooner or later affect other organs & systems, lung, brain, kidneys, and so on..

Yet, the major concern is, again, PHYSICAL APPEARANCE! haih~ My dad used to say, "badan ni nak pakai lama..". Well, i salute him for maintaining the size of his tummy for all these years, even 27 years post-marriage. hehe, like son, like father??

Yup! 'Badan ni nak pakai lama'... live a healthy life as you are the assets of the Ummah! You are to contribute to Islam, the Nation, and the world. The Ummah cannot afford to loose you for health problems that are easily avoidable. Reschedule your life, plan your excercise, improve your eating habit, especially during this holiday when there will be Hari Raya, Kenduri Kawen & stuffs..hehe

That's all, happy reading~

*Darn, my English sucks!!
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Farid Nazmi said...

OK,dah abeh exam, boleh mula jaga badan plak. perut undur ke belakang pulak.hehe

Hajar Yahaya said...

ayah jugak yg hensem !!perut xpenah kedepan pun..

Eckm said...

mari joging di sungai nil di pagi hari lepas subuh

Thaaqhib said...

a nice social critic. put it as great for the perspective.

sarahr said...

yes, i agree.. people tend to be more concerned with appearance than their health. i'm quite surprised and awed at the same time to see ur dad in a very 'good shape' after all these years and it's very rare to see someone the same age with the same tummy state~
apa sebenarnya rahsia dia?? i'm very fond of asking these questions when it comes to health tips cause it's interesting to know and learn from other people. and ur answer might be of my future reference.. kalau org kata biasanya laki nak isteri dia maintain.. sebenarnya org pompuan pun sama je.. =)

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