As In Yourselves Will Ye Not Then See?

Saturday, October 2, 2010 by aiyqosim
BismiLlah, wassolatu wassalam 'ala RasuliLlah...

Reviewing my life throughout my second year in Kasr al-Ainy Medical School, Cairo University brings me to an Anatomy lecture back in 2008. Personally one of the most remembered lecture, delivered by a professor who had marked my heart with his thoughts.

Professor Dr. Mo'tasem Bellah el-Sheriff, he always said,

"You must always ask 'why' to understand the way of The Creator".

One day, during the lecture of Perineum, he asked the class, "How come, the testes are low down in the Perineum and receiving its blood supply high up directly from the Abnominal Aorta? Also, the lymphatic drainage goes to Paraaortic lymph nodes whic is high up in relation to the testes? Also, the nerve supply comes from the sympathetic chain high up along the Thoracic Spine?"

If you are a big fan of Dr. Zakir Abdul Kareem Naik, you should know the answer better than the medical students eventhough you are an architect.

The answer of the question lies within the embryologic origin of the gonads(testicles & ovaries). Do you know, during the embryonic stages, the reproductive organs begin their development near the kidney between the spinal column and the eleventh and twelfth ribs?Later they descend; the female gonads stop in the pelvis, while the male gonads continue their descent before birth to reach the scrotum through the Inguinal Canal.

Astonishingly, Al-Quran Al- Kareem had proven this little fact long before the scientists even created the term 'Embryology'!

"Now let man but think from what he is created!-

He is created from a drop emitted-

Proceeding from between the back bone and the ribs."

Al-Quran, Surah At-Thoriq, 86 : 5-7

Yes! 'a drop emitted' is the semen, which comes from the testes, which originated from 'between the back bone(spine) and the ribs'. That is a real Embryology, in Al- Quran!

Of course, there must be a reason why Allah says, in Surah Adz-Dzaariaat, verse number 21

وَفِي أَنفُسِكُمۡ أَفََلا تُبۡصِرُونَ

"As in your selves, will ye not then see?"

That's right, to seek for the truth, it is as easy as to see into ourselves!

Indeed, as a medical student in particular, we must always ask 'why?' when we study new facts. Not just blindly read and memorize the facts that are supposed to be the 'adjuvant' or 'enhancer' for our imaan. Get use to do simple personal research for every new knowledge we studied. Or simply ask our lecturers, for the Egyptian Doctors and Professors will sure have some extra story to tell us regarding certain medical facts. We are not just an ordinary students, we are Muslim students. Make a difference!

For me, one of the biggest challenge studying in Egypt is, you tend to either : get bored easily with the system because of your unreasonably high expectation, or to get enthusiastic for extra knowlegde especially Islamic-medical related knowledge.

As I always say, You are the Asset of The Ummah. We are the Asset of The Ummah! The Ummah needs us, so we have to serve The Ummah. How can we serve, if we have nothing in our minds and hearts?

Allahu A'lam.

p/s : Looking forward to show up to Community Medicine lecture next week inshaAllah... :D
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